Jodie has been painting professionally for 45 years.  Her years of fine arts study at the University of Kansas were very rewarding. Ten years teaching in New Mexico were an inspiring opportunity to learn more and enjoy students creativity. Below is a slideshow of  some of her current paintings available at  LAST Art Gallery in McKinney, TX and at her home studio.  Commissions are accepted.  Some of her former commissions are shown below on the left and on the right are some Seascapes sold.

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2011 SWS Signature Members/3rd place

2008 SWS Membership Exhibition in Dallas

2007 Western Federation of Watercolor Societies
         held in Arvade, Colorado

2007 SWS/ Membership Exhibition/
        Jeane H. Crownover Memorial Award

2006 SWS Membership Exhibition

2004 McKinney Main Street Art Calendar Cover
2003 SWS Membership Exhibition

2002 SWS Membership Exhibition

2000 SWS Members Exhibit/Signature Award

1999,1998 SWS Membership Exhibition

1997 Duo Exhibition D'Art Visual Arts Center

*SWS  Southwestern Watercolor Society
 Jodie may be contacted at